LoopMe makes some of our admin processes easier and helps us to give feedback much quicker!

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Over the last three months, the Enterprise Team at the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre, University of Huddersfield have been using LoopMe as an IT-tool to lead and follow their student’s learning process in real-time. So far the team has found LoopMe to be really useful. Catherine Brentnall, Business Start-up Advisor says:

– It’s smoothed some of our admin processes which, so there used to be a monthly report which students were late with, which they didn’t get timely feedback on, where we couldn’t easily see if they were struggling or not. This time, the process was quicker (only one late return), we gave feedback within a few days, and we could tailor feedback and ask for meetings and see and respond to student issues much quicker.

She has also discovered that LoopMe is enabling the Business Advisors to get feedback from students who otherwise might be pretty quiet:
– I’ve been surprised at the lengthy responses from some (shy) students, those who have not said much in group scenarios, and even in 1-2-1 meetings have seemed reserved/holding back, and then they have got online and spilled their guts – fascinating, so it’s a mechanism that is facilitating interaction that I think would otherwise not exist.

The tags (categories) that are used in LoopMe by the Enterprise Team at Huddersfield are indeed very interesting ones; for example, they want the students to tag every time they feel that they are becoming more creative, more resilient, more self-motivated or being out of comfort zone. This will be exciting to follow up for the whole Enterprise Team during the year!

Catherine B
The team found it easy to get started with using LoopMe. Catherine says:

-I’m not into tech, don’t have a lot of apps on my phone, generally use email/text and websites and I have got to grips with it. I use LoopMe on a PC (I can’t see well enough on the app). If I can, anyone can I think!


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