New features!

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There is a lot going on in our development department and we are very proud to announce a number of new features in LoopMe:

  • Now it’s possible to use your Google Account in LoopMe.




You can create a LoopMe account by signing in with Google. You can also link an existing LoopMe account with your Google Account.

Learn more about how to do this here.




  • New design on the LoopMe web. Now it’s even easier to navigate the system.


  • Summary statistics for your groups

When you use the LoopMe Web, you will discover that we have replaced the Task tab to a new tab called Groups. Here you will find a list of the groups you are a member of and if you are a recipient of loops in a group, you will also get a summary of what’s happening in your group.


  • We introduce Group Feed
    Each group now also has its own Group Feed. Click the Groups Tab and select Group Feed to get there.


  • We introduce Group Information

A group owner can now enter a group description that is available to all members of the group – and which is shown first for all new members in the group.

We hope you will enjoy these new features and the new design!




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