Updates of the LoopMe system

New features!

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There is a lot going on in our development department and we are very proud to announce a number of new features in LoopMe:

  • Now it’s possible to use your Google Account in LoopMe.




You can create a LoopMe account by signing in with Google. You can also link an existing LoopMe account with your Google Account.

Learn more about how to do this here.




  • New design on the LoopMe web. Now it’s even easier to navigate the system.


  • Summary statistics for your groups

When you use the LoopMe Web, you will discover that we have replaced the Task tab to a new tab called Groups. Here you will find a list of the groups you are a member of and if you are a recipient of loops in a group, you will also get a summary of what’s happening in your group.


  • We introduce Group Feed
    Each group now also has its own Group Feed. Click the Groups Tab and select Group Feed to get there.


  • We introduce Group Information

A group owner can now enter a group description that is available to all members of the group – and which is shown first for all new members in the group.

We hope you will enjoy these new features and the new design!




Share a thought directly in the Feed on the Web

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You who have the role of student / coworker (users that sends loops to their teachers/leaders in a group) has now also a possibility to send free loops directly within the Feed on the web.

This is how you do:

  1. Login with your personal LoopMe Account
  2. Go till the Feed
  3. At the top of the Feed, under the filtering feature, you can send a free loop in any of the groups you are a member of

Free loops distinguish themselves from reports since you can send as many free loops as you want, they will not be counted within the statistics (are not showed under the Tasks) and you can also choose to be anonymous when you send a free loop.

free loop_flow


Navigate faster on the LoopMe web!

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Now it will be even easier for you to navigate the LoopMe web. Thanks to the thread structure, that you will find at the top left of the LoopMe window, you always see exactly where you are in the system. There will also be faster and easier to navigate between the different views.


New design for the Group pages!

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Now we present a fresh new look for your group pages on the LoopMe Web. In addition, we present a new feature; group description.

You can find your Group pages by logging in to http://www.loopme.io, select Menu and then click the Group name.

New Feature: Group Description
Now you can also enter a short text, describing your group and welcome all new members to the group. Click on the blue text Group Description and enter your text.

The text will only be visible on the LoopMe web.

Group page